Imported and national heifers and breeding cattle
We buy and sell imported and national heifers, cows and breeding calves which are registered, or not, in the several genealogical books of dairy breeds. In our cattle shed we are able to offer you a wide selection of pregnant heifers, cows just calved coming from farms which are not subjected to animal diseases and infections and which are in accordance with the regulations of the production of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. We provide for the collection and delivery by our lorries or by skilful road haulers and we supply our customers with a complete financial and technical assistance.
Cows for slaughter
We daily collect cows for slaughter and we are willing to buy them by dead weight according to S.E.U.R.O.P. price list, by alive weight or at sight. According to the best market quotations we place the animals in the main national slaughter houses. Or we are able to support you in the slaughtering on your own.
Fattening calves
We weekly collect fattening calves. We buy calves by weight or at sight and deliver them to the main national and international cattle breeders.
Complete barns from “the cow to the calf”
We can buy a group or a complete cattle herd. Through a skilful selection we sell to our best customers the animals suitable for breeding and we bring the other ones to slaughter houses.

We are able to buy and supply you with dairy, sucking, pregnant and rearing livestock coming from the best and specialized national and international auctions and exhibitions.

We are able to estimate a group or a complete cattle herd and to provide up-to-date market quotations with our best professionalism and discretion.

We supply with qualified surveys for low courts, banks and guarantee institutions.
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